energyright Program

energyrightOne of the best ways to save money on a new home is to choose one that’s energy-efficient. Sounds logical, and yet it’s one of the last things most people look for in a new place.

In our area look for all-electric homes that are part of the energyright program. This program has been developed by the Tennessee Valley Authority together with LaFollette Utilities Board. Special features like double-pane windows, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, extra caulking and insulation make homes that are energyright.

Water Heater Rebate Program

(ENDING 9/30/2019)

LaFollette Utilities, in conjunction with TVA, offers a cash incentive to residential customers for the purchase of an electric water heater. Tank size must be 30 gallons or larger to qualify for rebate. The original receipt must accompany the request form.

TVA is terminating the Water Heater Rebate Program on September 30, 2019.  Effective October 1, 2019, no new requests for water heater rebates will be accepted.

For more information contact Steve Baird at call (423) 562-3316, ext. 1042 or Sharyn Vincent at or call (423) 562-3316, ext. 1041.